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Brian Norusis, Inc. specializes in optimizing the talent of construction verticals from owners, contractors, architects and the technology providers who serve them. We are by nature operators and have grown successful teams and companies for the entirety of our careers. We look forward to helping you achieve your definition of success.

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Brian Norusis

Brian Norusis


Brian Norusis has led teams in North and South America, Asia Pacific and EMEA with a focus on growth through the duration of his career. He holds an MBA from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock's prestigious school of business management where he focused on organizational development and finance. As Chief Operating Officer, he led e-Builder's growth and strategic exit by perfecting the people, processes and tools in which Predictive Index played a critical component. His team first mentality, work ethic and passion for winning has defined his entire career.

Brian is a seasoned operator with a knack for quickly building trust and credibility. He has an innate gift for understanding people and his passion for results are second to none. Brian showed Envisio how to drive top line customer growth and bottom line operating efficiency. His contribution has enabled us to confront the COVID-19 storm with confidence.

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