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Our consulting services help you tap into the full potential of your workforce. Bilbao Consulting is here to keep you ready for whatever the future will bring.

BILBAO CONSULTING helps clients find the right solutions for their business needs. Utilizing people data, our business psychology experts help you identify your needs, your pain points, and how to ensure the right people are in the right places. Even when hiring, Bilbao Consulting knows that it’s as much about finding the best fit for the organization, as well as the team. Bilbao Consulting does this with tools that help your organization understand your team dynamics, as well as how individuals contribute to your overall business strategy. Our Industrial Organizational Psychologists utilize highly proven tools to provide you with easy to understand resources that takes the guess work out of your talent management strategy. We combine tools that have over 50 years of proven success with training and development opportunities to help you ensure that you are optimizing your talent.

Team Leaders

Dr. Kimberly Morse

Dr. Kimberly Morse

Director of IO Solutions

Dr. Kimberly Morse is an Industrial Organizational Psychologist with 10 years of experience in higher education and private organizational development. During her career, she has focused on career and education coaching, employee training and development, and improving organizational effectiveness. Dr. Morse has a background with qualitative and quantitative research and analysis and big data analysis. Additionally, throughout her career, she has provided guidance to improve employee performance and assist individuals with identifying career paths and developing a realistic and attainable career development plan.

Graduating from Grand Canyon University with her Ph.D. in Industrial Organizational Psychology, she has had the opportunity to serve as a Dissertation Committee Content Expert for business and psychology doctoral learners. She has further led college accreditation efforts and engaged in policy analysis and development of new departments and initiatives within higher education. She is a published author, having written a guide for doctoral learners on how to write a complete dissertation, including topic development, research, and understanding and identifying the best methodology and design for a successful research project.

Additionally, Dr. Morse is a D&I Mentor providing professionals with the insights and guidance to promote DEI initiatives throughout organizations. She utilizes current research and knowledge, as well as the expertise and advice of many other DEI experts to assist in finding the best DEI solutions for organizations, focusing on providing a culture add, not just a culture fit.