Be Legendary

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About Be Legendary

Be Legendary is dedicated to making a difference in the world by delivering customized, transformational experiences that mobilize individuals, teams and organizations to challenge the status quo and make positive action the norm.

Be Legendary offers a variety of services to help corporations create legendary organizations of their own.

These include:

Emotional Experiences

All of our services build upon participants’ strengths instead of focusing on weaknesses, thus creating an atmosphere of excitement, learning and discovery. Every program that we run has a philanthropic element, in keeping with the idea that Be Legendary has the power to change the world one person and one action.

Team Leaders

James Carter

James Carter

Founder / CEO

James Carter is the co-author of 3 books with Stephen Covey, Ken Blanchard and Deepak Chopra. Through the 10 years of research into legendary people, James has uncovered a common mindset of people who accomplish incredible results in life. James continues to push the envelope through ‘extreme’ experiences, was recently featured on CNN, and his company was called “The Stuff of Legend”.

James Carter has a great way of capturing your attention with his thought provoking activities and messages. As a participate, you walk away feeling inspired to grow yourself, help others, and, as James would say, ‘Be Legendary’.

Mark Williams - Partner
Coakley & Williams

This truly resonated and will have a lasting influence on us as we work to create a technology organization where the best and brightest choose to be.

Larry Quinlan - Global CIO

It was THE BEST EVENT I have ever seen.  It was a GREAT OPENER for our meeting and helped break down barriers for learning and personal growth.  I had some 25 year veterans tell me that it was the BEST sales meeting they had EVER been to, largely because of that event.  Some of these guys are usually pretty cynical in these meetings...but not after this event.  Many were wiping away tears as we ended the Be Legendary event - and then stayed engaged for the rest of the week!

Jim Blohm - Director of Marketing & Business Development