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About Arcos

Our ambition is to help people and teams grow together in an harmonious way

The key words are delivery and sales. We help you align strategy, process and people. The right person at the right place with the right managerial environment. Our team is fully driven to transfer you all our operational knowledge. Your success is our target. We are used to perform along the HR and organizational process: definition of jobs, recruitment, position taking, engagement, building the right teams with the appropriate management, group dynamics, defining high potentials and managing their success, hiring large number of people, transforming the profile of your company to your futur. Arcos team is fully trained in what we call in France Intelligence Collaborative. That technology together with Predictive Index technology are key to help you leverage your best asset : your people.


9 rue Anatole de la Forge, 75017 Paris, France
Rue Fortia, Vieux Port, 13001 Marseille, France

Team Leaders

Joseph Machiah

Joseph Machiah

Senior Partner

Joseph Machiah specializes in the development of human capital, in organization and finance, as well as a multi-faceted entrepreneur and management trainer. These activities mutually reinforce each other and have contributed for the past 30 years to his ability to conceptualize, innovate and then execute. His professional passion is driven by cultivating the talent of individuals and team effectiveness.

Consultant en développement du capital humain, en organisation et finance mais tout à la fois entrepreneur en série et formateur en management. Un panel d’activités qui se renforcent mutuellement et créent depuis 25 ans un savoir-faire opérationnel et conceptuel original.

Ma passion professionnelle est l’épanouissement du talent des hommes et des équipes comme levier de performance pour l’entreprise.