Applied Behavioral Academy

About Applied Behavioral Academy

With over 20 years of experience as a PI partner, ABA is now exclusively a Master Training Center. We host workshops to train partners and their clients on all aspects of PI that will initiate immediate transformation in your organization.

A Predictive Index® Master Training Center founded by Dan Courser, a former PI® Certified Partner. With over 20 years of PI® experience, Dan and his team are well-poised to craft teaching towards the Predictive Index® suite of tools, and offer excellent perspective as both a former client and avid user of the tools, and then as the fastest-growing Certified Partner. The Applied Behavioral Academy® team is ready to help you optimize business impact and performance.

Team Leaders

Dan Courser

Dan Courser


Dan Courser is the CEO and founder of the Applied Behavioral Academy®, and a nationally-recognized expert in applying analytics to human motivation. Dan is well-poised to understand and craft teaching towards the Predictive Index® suite of tools.

Dr. Jeff Bondy

Dr. Jeff Bondy

Management Psychologist & Master Trainer

Jeff Bondy is the management psychologist and lead trainer at the Applied Behavioral Academy®. Jeff has 9 years worth of PI® experience under his belt.

Sonia Neameyer

Sonia Neameyer

Master Trainer

Sonia Neameyer is a Certified Master Trainer at the Applied Behavioral Academy. Sonia has been a Certified Master Trainer since the inception of the program and loves helping clients get the most out of PI®.

Morgan Golden

Morgan Golden

Director of Operations

Morgan Golden is the Director of Operations for the Applied Behavioral Academy®. Morgan has a long-standing interest in using psychology and psychometrics to improve business practices.

Overall, great workshop that will deliver meaningful & lasting impact on my business.

Scott Mitchell

This was an extremely well organized & engaging training. I’m excited to continue to explore PI and have convos at my org. Thank you!

Alex Barret

I finally understand completely what I need to work at my best & be the most productive.

Hannah Chaney