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About Anna Mason Consulting

Your customized solution for hiring, engagement, leadership and growth.

At Anna Mason Consulting, our goal is to help business leaders hire the right fit for their company, engage their employees, and develop their leadership – all to grow faster and have more fun doing it.
Anna works with leaders from all different backgrounds and from all different industries. By listening and asking critical questions, she works hard curate a solution that suits each of her client’s individual needs and she’s committed to being with them every step of the way.

Team Leaders

Anna Mason

Anna Mason

Owner, consultant

My passion is to lead, educate and inspire others while building a positive culture of high performance, connectedness and respect. I thrive on serving the managers and employees that service the customers. Successful organizations support a culture where positive and constructive feedback leading to self-improvement are embraced. I coach and mentor teams to go beyond their perceived limitations, so they can achieve more. I teach them how to identify, break down, and solve their own problems. Empowerment combined with feedback are excellent motivators. I believe that the customer will never be happier or more satisfied than the employees serving them. Companies that invest in and serve their employees first, will reap the rewards.

I appreciate having Anna as my PI consultant because she is very responsive and attentive. I can tell she really wants to make sure I understand how to use the tool. She is always willing to provide me resources so I can train my managers to actually apply PI to motivate and engage their teams.

Mike C - Training and Operations Manager

Anna is amazing and is the best PI Consultant I have worked with over the years. She ensures you are informed of all products and offerings and sends regular emails to ensure you are in the know. She very responsive to communications and does a great job training and working with our staff.

Sara B - Senior Vice President, Human Resources Director