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Amplify Excellence strives to maintain laser focus on the importance of the human element in the business environment. Through the commitment to helping to remove the invisible barriers that exist in interpersonal communications and a better understanding what makes people tick, we can quickly solve for problems that exist in the workplace. Amplify Excellence provides coaching and training for individuals and businesses to achieve their ambitions by providing researched-backed interpersonal effectiveness methodologies.

Ashleigh is a remarkable coach who knows how to get the best out of people. I’ve been working with her one-on-one and with our team for about a year. What has impressed me the most is her ability to help individuals and teams identify areas for improvement and build on it to create optimal team performance. She is incredibly understanding and knows just the right moment to inject a bit of humor to break the ice or bring the conversation back to the issue at hand.

Cassie Peirce - Senior Manager
Rea & Associates

It is rare to find someone with the skills Ashleigh possesses. She is both highly informed and educated, as well as a person who is deeply empathetic. She listens to understand and has a grasp on human behavior. Her insights as a coach are especially insightful and helpful. Ashleigh is in a role that leverages all of her strengths. I'm incredibly thankful to have her insights and wisdom interwoven my career development.

Hillary Law - Executive Vice President
JSC Federal Credit Union

Ashleigh’s professionalism and knowledge of Corporate America helped me navigate some real challenges I was facing in my career. Using her background in emotional intelligence, she really helped me better understand myself and how my behaviors impacted my co-workers that were impeding what we were trying to accomplish. The overall morale and dynamics of my team greatly improved after having worked with her. Sometimes we just need a third party’s perspective to help get us out of the weeds.

Courtney Jones - Vice President