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About Amber Hurdle Consulting

Amber Hurdle Consulting is a multi-award-winning talent optimization firm that pioneers using both science and marketing principles to strengthen your brand from the inside out, overcoming recruiting, turnover, performance, and leadership challenges.

At Amber Hurdle Consulting we:

Work with leaders on their personal brands, so they increase self awareness and see and harvest the greatness in others.
Teach you to use a scientific, repeatable method to recruit, retain and inspire top talent, elevating your culture while crafting a world-class employer brand.
We then help you leverage strong leaders and a “best places to work” environment so that happy employees are serving happy customers…ultimately elevating your business brand.

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Amber Hurdle

Amber Hurdle


Amber Hurdle is the leading influence in uniting science + branding to amplify human capital potential. As a Predictive Index Certified Partner, she combines the use of people analytics and 20 years of branding, marketing and PR experience. She understands what it takes to accelerate success as a former teen mom who evolved into an award-winning, powerhouse business woman, having worked with celebrities and Fortune 100 companies, as well as small to medium-sized companies who want to play big.

Amber Hurdle is the epitome of professionalism, but can connect with you on a deeper level. That’s what sets her apart -- because she has the utmost realism about her and a very genuine nature, but can also deliver with a poise and precision that it takes to be able to train a corporate structure in a corporate environment. With Amber, she connects with each individual, even though she is presenting to a whole entire group at the same time.

Dusty Hall
Loews Hotels

I highly recommend Amber assisting your team development! Our team recently took personality tests administered by her, and then spent four hours with Amber, enhancing our team communication and performance! July sales have already increased over the same time period last year!

Kevin Croteau - Co-Owner
Hot Springs Spas of Music City and Hot Springs Spas of the Upper Cumberland

Amber Hurdle's leadership training was entertaining, enlightening, and engaging. I walked away knowing so much more about MYSELF (didn't think that was possible!) and how to approach team members and colleagues in the most suitable, individualized way. Highly recommend!

Katie Korenek - Leadership Training Attendee