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We’re so much more than our assessments.

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We’re so much more than our assessments.

Here’s an open secret. Despite what you may have heard, The Predictive Index isn’t an assessment company.

Yes, we offer an EFPA-certified behavioral assessment. And yes, we offer a world-class cognitive assessment. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Assessment companies simply measure—measurement is a means to an end. At PI we have a vision: Better Work, Better World. To make that vision a reality for every one of our clients, we offer quick yet powerful data collection, easy-to-use business applications, insightful management workshops, and expert consulting.

The Predictive Index empowers you to align your people with your business strategy so you can achieve outsized business results through talent optimization.

Data collection

Our scientific assessments provide critical people data. Valid, reliable, brief, powerful.

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Business applications

Our software ranks candidates, provides management insights, and highlights opportunities.

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Management workshops

Uncover best practices, demystify how people think and work, and maximize productivity.

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