The Predictive Index Makes Workforce Assessment Easy for Global Business


The Predictive Index now uses advanced localization technology and processes to maximize global use of its workforce assessments, software, and management workshops

Westwood, MA – December 7, 2016 – The Predictive Index (PI), a company that empowers businesses to realize what drives workplace behaviors, today announced the release of a unique localization process and proprietary tools that allow for accurate language translation across its entire workforce assessment system. The company’s job, behavioral, and cognitive ability assessments are offered in over 70 languages. The PI software and management workshops are now available in 20 translations.

Over the past several months, the PI workforce assessment system and underlying technology infrastructure went through a rigorous transformation, making way for the use of a unique language localization process. This process ensures the proper translation and adaptation of PI’s products specifically for users in different countries, regions, and cultures.

The global nature of business is expanding faster than ever, and there’s a critical need for not just translated, but localized, workforce assessment methodologies. “Localization allows global businesses to standardize hiring, selection, and management practices with tools like our Behavioral Assessment,” said Matt Poepsel, PhD, Vice President of Product at The Predictive Index. “Our new localization process is complex, but the benefit to our global client base is huge.”

PI users can now access the software, attend workshops, and offer assessment-takers the flexibility to complete assessments in their preferred language, ensuring the most accurate results.

There is a significant need for PI’s products to be localized for greater regional accuracy and to accommodate cultural differences. Today, more than 20% of PI clients access the company’s software in multiple languages, and 89% of PI clients have assessment-takers who choose to complete assessments in a language other than English.

PI is proud to offer assessment software that is available from anywhere, on any device, and fits the needs of today’s global businesses. For more information about PI’s localized resources and process, please visit predictiveindex.com/global.