Retailers Use The Predictive Index to Elevate Their People Strategy to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences and Drive Business Results

H&M, RJ Julia Booksellers, Nissan, and ‘47 Brands Among Other Retailers Engage Top Talent, Hire Effectively, and More with Talent Optimization 

BOSTON, Mass – July 17, 2019 – Successful retailers, both online and off, are hyper-focused on talent. More than ever, retailers must rely on hiring the right talent to deliver the highly curated experiences required to win in today’s experience economy. Given that disengaged employees can cost a small retailer anywhere from $800,000 to $1,000,000 annually, an intentional people strategy capable of keeping talent engaged is a pivotal differentiator.

The Predictive Index, the leader in talent optimization, gives retailers—including Glassdoor’s Employees’ Choice Award winners CarSense and Healthy Spot, Mattel, ‘47 Brands, H&M, RJ Julia Booksellers, Nissan, Burton, and Restoration Hardware—access to the people data and strategy they need to engage employees, design great teams and cultures, make objective hiring decisions, and develop their leaders to reach their business goals.

How RJ Julia Survives as an Independent Bookseller in the Digital Age

A Predictive Index client since 2018, RJ Julia—an independent bookseller with three brick and mortar locations and online subscription-based services—knew they couldn’t compete in the age of Amazon simply by selling books based on price and convenience. By making their people a competitive differentiator, they are able to offer a highly curated book-buying experience that appeals to consumers who aren’t just looking to buy any book.

“Our goal is to put the right book in the right hand, which means we need people who understand the universe of books and also have the capacity to be empathetic, and conversational so they can engage with customers,” said Roxanne Coady, Founder and CEO of RJ Julia. “We are selling a commodity, so if we’re going to be successful we have to enhance the experience of selling that commodity. We are laser-focused on understanding each customer that comes through the door, and The Predictive Index helps us to identify the people who are capable of doing that.”

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