Red Sox job hopefuls pitch credentials on video interview software


The Predictive Index was mentioned in SearchFinancialApplications’ article “Red Sox job hopefuls pitch credentials on video interview software.” Learn more and read the full article here. 

In addition to a video interview, the Boston Red Sox also use a personality assessment to help learn more about job applicants.

In 2012, the organization began using the science-based assessment offered by The Predictive index, based in Westwood, Mass.

Michael Danubio, senior director of human resources, said the Red Sox use the behavioral assessment to find the core drives of applicants for part-time or full-time positions in the front office such as a marketing assistant or member of the HR staff. It is not used for hiring game day staff.

Hiring managers can set up a profile for what they think is a right fit for a job, and see how well it matches with a candidate’s profile, he said.

The assessment helps the Red Sox understand an applicant’s preferences and how they make judgments.