Understanding your Behavioral Assessment Results

The PI Behavioral Assessment (BA) helps organizations understand the personality traits that make their employees and candidates tick. PI is your superpower: It lets you see beneath the surface so you can predict how people will behave in given situations.

Your Behavioral Report will provide a more nuanced summary of your specific results. If you have additional questions please reach out to your consultant.

Reference Profiles

Every person who takes the PI Behavioral Assessment is automatically assigned one of our 17 Reference Profiles, which provide a shorthand way of understanding the behaviors and needs that drive you and others. 

Once you know someone’s Reference Profile, you gain insight into their work styles such as communication, decision making, and risk taking. This quick understanding allows people to work with each other more effectively.

Click on each Reference Profile to understand the differences between each.

You can find more information about each Reference Profiles here.

Four Factors

There are four key factors that are measured by the BA. From the combination of the four factors, we can describe preferences for how a person communicates, makes decisions, delegates, regards rules, and takes action. 

How your pattern is interpreted

To read your pattern, factors that lie to the left of the midpoint represent a low amount of factor, while those that fall to the right means you have a higher amount. The further away from the midpoint that a factor lies, the more forceful the expression of its associated behaviors will be.

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