Transcript: Updating default emails

Whenever emailing a report in the Predictive Index software, a default email message will be generated. If you’d like to edit these default email templates, you’ll need administrator access. If you have these permissions, click on your name in the upper right corner and select Administration from the drop down.

The User management page will display by default. Click the Company Settings tab and then scroll down to the Software Email Settings section. Here you’ll find a dropdown with the entire list of customizable emails. Simply click on the name of the email that you would like to edit. 

Now you’ll have the ability to update the subject, email message and even the default language for assessments where applicable. Once finished, click save and the default email will now be updated for all users.

Keep in mind, although these are now the updated email templates. Software users can still edit their individual emails when sending out their reports in the software.

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