Transcript: Team Work Styles

Whether you’re adding a new member or just working with an existing team, it is important that you take a look at how your team’s behavioral drives map to your current business strategy. And PI’s Team Workstyles tool will do just that! Once logged into your PI software, hover your mouse over Inspire Employees and click on Team Work Styles in the Empower Teams section. This will bring you to a 4 quadrant chart, the first thing you’ll want to do is add a person by scrolling down, entering the name of those team members or groups and watch as the chart will automatically update. When working with larger teams, you can easily group members together by clicking the three dots next to their name and setting a specific color.

Scrolling back up, when clicking on one of the dots, you’ll get a deeper dive into who that individual is. You’ll see information about their reference profile, strengths, their preferred work style, potential blind spots they may have and what their behavioral pattern looks like. If you want to drill deeper into this individual, you can easily navigate to their person page by clicking the link here. 

Looking at the four quadrants, you can see that one of our members is in a quadrant by themself. We can open the Stabilizing section by clicking on the quadrant and it will provide us with additional strengths, cautions and tips on how best to work with team members in this area. And this is an overall look, we can also drill down how these members communicate, take action, and make decisions based on their behavioral drives. Not sure how to discuss these insights with the team? Each tab has a section for thought provoking questions that can get the conversation rolling. Those PI masters can even get a closer look at why those individuals are falling in a specific area based on the behavioral pattern using the associated toggle.

Now let’s take a look at strategy insights, when on the overall tab, click on the strategy insights button. Here you should select 5 to 8 activities that are the most critical to your current business strategy. As you select the activities, you’ll see sections of the associated quadrant light up. This will give you a quick snapshot of where your current team lines up with those current business needs.

And if you want to export this report you can either email, print or download a copy using the three buttons at the top right hand corner.

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