Transcript: Team action plans

You’ve done a lot to understand engagement and you’re making great progress!

You’ve reviewed your report and met with your team to discuss the results and prioritize key improvement initiatives. Let’s keep the momentum going. Take the notes from those conversations and build the team action plan! 

Choose the first goal you want to crush. It can be either the highest priority or the easiest to accomplish. Then, list the the 3 strategies that will help you move the dial to achieve that goal. Last, list 5 tactics that will help you succeed. If there are pieces missing, go back to the team for input. 

Once you’ve built your first 1/3/5, review it with your team and make sure everyone is aligned on and committed to the plan.

One best practice is to set up regular meetings with your team to provide an update on progress and discuss what’s working (so that you can stick with it) and what’s not (so that you can make adjustments). 

You can also check in with other managers to see what’s working well for them, ask for assistance, and celebrate successes.

Once the wheels start moving forward and you gain momentum on the first goal, which typically happens after about a month, move to the second, and then the third. 

You have several helpful resources. In the PI software, you can use your team’s behavioral profiles to better understand their motivating needs and preferred behavioral styles. This provides you insights into why employees might be struggling with the changes resulting from the action plan and will suggest ways to approach and help. 

The Learning and Engagement Action Platform provides you with all of the templates and guides specific to Engage such as your team action plan checklist, debrief guide, and more. 

As you know, engagement isn’t a switch you can turn on. It’s something you need to work on as an organization in how you hire, manage your people and culture, and develop employees over time. We’re excited for you to start seeing positive change through team collaboration and action planning!

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