Transcript: Separating behavioral assessment profiles

When running reports in the software that use the PI Behavioral Assessment, the report will always generate the first assessment taken by a user. But some customers might want to use a more recent version of the assessment. If this is the case, you can do so by creating a separate user profile with the more recent assessment. 

Navigate to the assessment taker you want to generate a report for by either searching using the upper right search box, using the dropdown on the left and finding their assessment in their respective folder or by clicking on their name in the recently completed section.

By default, the earliest Behavioral Assessment will display. We can tell this user has multiple assessments because we see an arrow next to the date of the assessment in the Behavioral section. When we hover over that date, you’ll see all the assessments that have been completed by this user. Click on the assessment that you’d like to generate a report with. Now scroll down to the Assessment Details section. Verify the date of the assessment and then copy the Behavioral Score ID.

Scroll back to the top of the page, hover over the triple line icon and select Assessment Center from the dropdown. Click Add by Score ID. If you see the user’s name, remove it by clicking on the x next to their name. Now when you click again into the box you’ll see an option to “Add New Person.” Select this option and a form will appear where you can fill out the assessment taker’s information. 

Enter the same information as the initial profile such as their username, email address, if they are a candidate or employee, and what folder their information will be stored in. You can also link this individual to a job if desired. Once finished click Create New Person. Since this is duplicated information, the system will warn you that there are existing people matching this name or email. This is expected, and when you click on the dropdown don’t select the initial assessment taker and instead select the option that says “Create New Person.” Once finished, click Select Person and then click the Next button. Paste the Behavioral Score ID below and enter the date that we verified earlier. Once finished click Create.

The new duplicate assessment taker’s person details will now generate, and this profile will only be associated with the selected Behavioral Assessment. You might notice a change in their reference profile depending on the shift of their behavioral pattern. Now you are able to run any of the normal reports in the PI software and have this newer Behavioral Assessment be associated.

Just remember that now, when you search for this assessment taker, you’ll see two unique profiles. One will have all assessments and the other will only have the selected one that you copied over. 

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