Transcript: Personal Development Chart

So you just got your Behavioral Assessment back and know yourself a little bit better. That’s great! But what do we actually do now? For those of you interested in using your behavioral pattern for your professional growth , we can turn to the Personal Development chart.

Once logged into your PI software, hover your mouse over Inspire and click on People. Next select, Understand a person. Simply type your name or email of your account. Select the correct name from the list and you’ll be navigated to the person details page for that individual. Finally, click on Personal Development Chart from the list of options to the left.

The system will now generate your development chart which you can scroll through for an in-depth look at the intensity of your factors as well as strengths, cautions and tips on how to be self-aware and strive for growth. And you can always keep this sheet handy by emailing, printing or downloading the chart right to your computer using their associated buttons.

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