Transcript: Organization upload

The fastest way to get your team in the PI software is to upload a csv file of your organization’s data. To do this, hover your mouse over the dropdown on the far left and select Organization. The page will then display a summary of your organization if previous information has been uploaded. If you haven’t uploaded a file before or you wish to update your organization’s information, you can do so on the Upload/Maintain Org File tab.

To get started, download the template file which is located here. The file will display all required and optional fields that are available with instructions below that will define what the different columns represent.

EmployeeId is the unique identifier you are setting for each employee in the organization. If you have specific IDs already you can use them here otherwise you can use a simple incremental numbering system as the template shows: 1234, 1235, 1236 and so on. 

The next 4 columns represent the employee’s name. First and Last name are required but Middle Name and NickName are optional.

Next, enter the email of the employee, this is a required field and represent’s the email that assessments are sent to.

Managers EmployeeId represents the ID of the manager for the employee in this row. For example, in the first row we have John Doe who has an Employee Id of 1234. In his ManagersEmployeeId column he has 1235. This means that whichever employee has the ID of 1235 is John Doe’s manager. That means, in this example, Jane Doe is his manager. If you leave this column blank, this means the employee does not report to anyone and generally is reserved for someone such as the CEO of the company.

Next is the department. This is a required field. Enter the department that this employee falls under.

And finally the last column is the location this employee is stationed. This is an optional field.

Once finished, remove the instructions and then save the file. Be sure to verify that you are saving a .csv file

Now return back to the software. Keep in mind, this was the minimum information that needs to be entered, but if your organization has the PI Employee Experience Survey, you might want to download the template here which will include a few additional columns of information. 

Regardless of the file you choose, once filled out, the next step is to choose a folder that these employees will be stored in by typing and selecting the folder you’d like.

Now you can either drag the file to the box below or click Select a File and choose the file from your device. Verify the correct file has been selected and then click Upload this file. This may take a few minutes depending on the size of the file. Once finished the area will now display your current file and allow you to upload a new version using that same upload process if updates are required. If we scroll up you’ll also see a historical record of when you uploaded the initial file.

Now, when we navigate to the Your Org Structure tab, you will see that the org summary stats at the top have been updated and a list of your org structure will populate below. Just as we mentioned in the managers example, when we open the toggle for Michael Scott you will see that he manages Jane Doe, who manages John Doe.

You might have noticed the exclamation marks next to all employees. This is occurring because these employees have not taken a behavioral assessment. Right from this page you can select all or a subset of these employees by using the checkbox next to them and then clicking on the Send Assessment(s) button. Assessments will be sent to the email of those employees from the csv file filled out previously. This process will allow you to not only get your PI environment set up quickly but efficiently assess your employees to let your company focus on what really matters.

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