Transcript: Moving assessments to a new folder

If you’d like to update the folder an assessment lives in, you can accomplish this in a few different ways. The first way is to navigate to the assessment taker an assessment is associated with. Once on their person page, click the pencil icon next to their name and then click the x icon next to the current folder that this person’s assessments are saved in. You can now either begin typing for a specific folder name or click on the folder icon next to “Save in folder”. A window will display with your organization’s folder structure. Click on the specific folder that you would like to place this assessment in. Once finished click Done and then click the Save button to finalize those changes.

The second way is to update the assessment location from the folders page. Hover your mouse over the menu to the far left and select Folders from the dropdown. Here you can view the contents of a specific folder either by searching for a folder or clicking on one of the folders listed below. Any assessment takers or job targets located in the folder selected will display. Select the checkbox next to any item that you would like to move and then click on Admin in the right hand corner. Select Update folder from the dropdown. Verify the selected assessment takers display and then select the folder you would like to move them into by either selecting the folder icon or searching for a specific folder. Once finished, click Update folder assignment. Refresh the page and you will see that those assessment takers no longer appear in the folder. Then if we navigate to the specific folder we placed them into, we will now see them listed here.

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