Transcript: Managing multiple assessment profiles

When on a person’s details page, if an assessment taker is associated with multiple assessments, you’ll be able to easily identify this in the behavioral pattern overview section. By default, the first behavioral assessment they had taken will display. To the right hand side you’ll see the date this assessment was taken with a small downward facing arrow. Hover your mouse over the date and all associated assessments for this assessment taker will display. You can switch between assessments by clicking on the date of the desired assessment you would like to view. 

Keep in mind, all reports for this assessment taker will only be generated using the initial assessment they had taken. If you’d like to generate a report using a more recent assessment you can accomplish this in a few different ways. 

The first way is to take the assessments and create separate assessment taker profiles. To learn more about this process, click the link above to watch a video on the process.

The second way is to delete all assessments other than the one you wish to generate reports with. For example, this assessment taker only has two assessments so you would want to delete this initial one. Click on the older assessment and then scroll to the Assessment Details section. Verify the assessment date is the correct date you’d like to remove. Next, click the trash can icon. A popup will confirm you want to delete this assessment. Click Yes.

Refresh your browser to load the person’s details page and you will no longer see the initial assessment. With only one assessment associated with this assessment taker, the small arrow next to the date will disappear and all reports will now generate based on the current assessment that displays.

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