Transcript: Managing an open invitation link

If you’d like to locate and manage your open invitation links in the PI software, hover your mouse over the dropdown to the far right and select Assessment Center. Once on the Assessment Center, select Invite by Link to navigate to all active invitation links in your organization.

From here, you can see basic information on each link such as the name of the link and a brief description. You can also copy this link by clicking the Copy button.

If you’d like to delete any of these links, click the checkboxes next to the links you wish to delete and then click the Actions button. Select Delete from the dropdown and then select Yes on the warning message.

If you’d like to edit an existing link, click on the name of the link you’d like to manage. From here you’ll be able to edit basic information such as the name of the link, the description and whether this link is for candidates or employees. 

Any assessments taken using this open link will send assessment to the specified folder here. If you’d like to change the folder, click on the folder icon. A list of all folders will populate. Select the folder you wish to store these assessments to and then click Done.

You can also associate a job with this link by typing the name of the job and selecting it from the populated list in the Associated Job section.

Additional Notification settings can be applied by expanding the notification settings section. This section will allow you to set who should receive a notification when an assessment is completed by checking the Complete Notification boxes and determine if the behavioral assessment report should be attached with that message by checking the Attach Behavioral Assessment Report boxes. You’ll have the ability to enable this for the assessment taker, the owner of the link and any additional stakeholders who might need to view this information. If you’d like to add additional stakeholders, simply check the desired boxes next to stakeholders and then enter the email addresses of those users who should be notified.

The last section is additional configurations. Here you can set the default language for the assessment, set whether a cognitive assessment should be sent after completion of the behavioral assessment, if you’d like to enable Kiosk mode, or if you’d like to set a specific URL for the assessment taker to be directed to after the assessment. 

Once finished, click Save and your open invitation link will be updated.

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