Transcript: Linking assessment takers to a job

If you’d like to link an assessment taker to a job in the PI software, you have a few different ways to do this.

The first way is to link them from the job page. In order to navigate to a job in the software you can either find it by using the search bar in the upper right or by clicking on the job from the Recent job activity section.

An overview of the job will display. Scroll down to the assessment results section and in the search bar, begin typing the name of an assessment taker and select their name from the populated list. You can repeat this process to add multiple people. Note that if one or more of those assessment takers is already associated with a different job, a warning message will display. Once finished click Update Job. You’ll now see those assessment takers listed and a score representing how well they match the behavioral and cognitive target that had been set for this job.

The second way to add assessment takers is to do so on their person page. Navigating back to the main dashboard, to open up an assessment taker’s person page, we can either use the search bar in the upper right or click on their names in the recently completed section. At the top of the page, click edit to update the assessment taker’s profile information. Under the Job section begin typing the name of a job and click on the job from the populated list.

The last way is to add assessment takers in bulk to a job. To do this, from the homepage, you can either hover your mouse over the left hand dropdown and navigate to a specific folder of assessment takers or you can open the recently completed list of assessment takers by clicking Recently completed. Here you can select multiple users and then click on the Admin dropdown. Select Update Job. Begin typing in the select job search bar and select the job from the populated list. Once finished, click Save. The assessment takers will now be linked with the selected job.

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