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Hi, I’m Jackie Dube, VP of Talent Optimization at The Predictive Index. Congratulations on preparing to improve your employee experience! 

Engagement is an individual’s emotional commitment to their organization and its goals. Higher levels of engagement lead to higher performance at work, higher sales, and improved profitability, all while reducing rates of turnover and absenteeism. Employees that work in highly engaged workforces are more excited about the future of the organization and their part in it. They’re energized by the work they do and are less open to considerations of work elsewhere.

Your Employee Experience project manager will handle most of the pre-survey tasks such as getting the organizational data uploaded into the software, scheduling the survey launch, and crafting the messages that are sent to managers and employees. You can help by making sure the message sent is consistent with what they’ll hear from the rest of the leadership team. Everyone should be aware of why you’ve committed to this initiative, what the expectations are, and the value of providing honest feedback.

The survey will be open for two weeks. Then, you’ll receive two types of reports: one that provides an overview of engagement across your organization and one that provides a detailed view of engagement by team. 

It’s imperative that you and your colleagues are ready and willing to accept the survey results and are committed to taking action. It’s one thing to know your strengths and blind spots, but what good does that do if you don’t reinforce or improve them? 

Your results dashboard will show the rating for the key measurement, engagement. It will also show ratings for the four factors in the employee experience that directly impact engagement: their job, their manager, the people they work most closely with, and the culture of their company or organization. Your action plans are built by providing you with those tools linked to those four factors. 

There are two types of actions we’ll recommend once you have your results: actions that are your responsibility and actions that are managed by your managers. 

The actions for the executive team will give you the opportunity to pull company-wide levers for the organization, the culture, or the trust that employees place in your leadership. For example, you may see a result that employees don’t feel they have the information they need to do their job well. Are you clearly communicating the mission, vision, and purpose of your strategy at every company meeting? Are managers distributing information accurately and transparently? Is everyone aligned on the key priorities? 

The second type of actions are your manager’s responsibility, but you’ll be distributing their team reports to them, so be sure to align on expectations. Their reports will list areas in which they’re doing well and areas for action tailored to their team. The PI solution is built around managers and their teams being accountable for any change that can be prompted by the survey. 

Taking action to improve engagement is not a one and done activity. Ongoing conversations at the executive level and with your managers to see how action plans are progressing will be vital to your success. If you can commit to working together to continue to align on progress and make adjustments, you’ll enjoy seeing the impact of your efforts reflected in the engagement of your employees. 

This is an exciting opportunity to ensure that your employees are engaged and have everything they need to help you successfully execute your business strategy. If you need additional support at the executive or manager level, you have options available to you from PI. 

For example, If your leadership team doesn’t feel clear enough on your vision and key initiatives to share them widely, your consultant is a great resource to activate for support. Or if your managers aren’t prepared to take action and you find you don’t have the time or internal resources to support them, your consultant can share workshop solutions available to your managers designed to accelerate change throughout the organization. 

Improving engagement is centered around everyone committing to making the experience the best it can be, which includes taking action after the results are reviewed. When everyone is aligned and clear on the expectations, you’ll see an increase in engaged employees who are committed to tackling your business strategy to achieve results. Good luck!

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