Transcript: Group Analytics

For those who want to really understand their team dynamics, group analytics is a great tool to take a look at how a team collectively falls along the four behavioral factors. Once logged into your PI software, hover your mouse over Inspire Employees and click on Group Analytics in the Empower Teams section. Now enter the names of the individuals you would like to compare in the add people or groups section. You can also compare these individuals to a job target you have if desired by entering it in the search jobs fields. Once finished, click on Create Report.

The system will generate a report that provides all the factors for each member being compared and will also provide an average pattern of those factors. This is indicated by the purple triangles. The legend will also let you know which color represents a situational, moderate, very or extreme factor. You can also update how the data is being displayed by changing to a percentage value as well as changing the trend view to show individual names.

We’re currently looking at the default view of all the factors but we can also drill down and see just by the Dominance factor, Extraversion, Patience or Formality by clicking their associated tabs.

The last tab is the All combinations Ensemble which will show you the factor combinations for these individuals. When hovering over the letters for each combination, the system will provide you a quick reminder as to what these combinations represent. It will also highlight the opposite combination of those factors. As we can see here two of these members take time to connect but one is more on the quick side. Insights like this help the team understand how to work with one another.

And for any of these reports you can quickly get a photo of them by clicking the Download Image button to download it to your computer.

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