Transcript: Granting third party user access

If you’d like to give users, such as your PI certified partner or customer success managers, access to your account, you’ll need to be an account owner or account admin in the software. If you have these permissions, click on your name in the upper right corner and select Administration from the drop down. The User Management tab will display by default. Scroll down and you’ll see all the third party users that you’re able to manage. In the Access column, if a user has a toggle with a purple color, this indicates the user currently has access. If the toggle has a grey color, this indicates the user does not have access yet. 

Simply click on the toggle for the associated user that you’d like to enable or disable access to. When enabling access, a confirmation message will display to verify you want to provide access. Click Yes, Enable Access and once finished the system will display a success message in the lower right corner.

Users will only be able to change access to individuals already populated in this table. If you wish to add new users to the list, please reach out to your PI Certified Partner.

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