Transcript: Generate a behavioral assessment report

In order to generate a Behavioral Assessment report, you will first need to locate the individual you wish to run the report on. You can locate assessment takers by either searching for them using the search bar in the upper right hand corner, clicking the menu on the far left and finding them by your folder structure, or clicking on their name from the recently completed section.

Regardless of choice, you’ll be navigated to that assessment taker’s person page and will see their behavioral pattern overview. Scroll down and in the Person and Team Tools section, click on Behavioral Report. Next you’ll select the language you would like the report to be generated in and any optional report additions. If this individual is managing others or projects, using the management style option will add insight into how their behavioral drives will influence their management decisions. You can also choose how this individual will influence or sell to others by clicking the associated toggle if desired. 

Once finished, click Next.

The behavioral report will generate. Here you’ll get the full view of the assessment takers behavioral pattern, their strongest behaviors, as well as a behavioral summary. If you’d like to update this report, at any time you can click Report Settings from the right hand corner, change the options selected, and click the Next button.

You can also download a PDF file of the report, Print the Report, or Email the report. When emailing the report you’ll have some additional information to enter. You can choose to send the email to yourself, to the assessment taker, and even to other people by adding their email addresses. If you would like, you can even edit the subject and message of the email sent with this report. Once finished click the Email Behavioral Report button to send the report to all parties selected.

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