Transcript: Facilitator discussion

You understand engagement and reviewed your survey results. Now, it’s time to schedule meetings with your team and turn their feedback into actions. 

These meetings are designed to be a two way discussion and provide a chance for you and your team to build a plan together to address areas of opportunity. Doing so will improve your team’s experience at work, leading to increased engagement — that emotional commitment to the organization and its goals. 

The team awareness meeting is where you’ll share your team’s results. Point out areas of success and your key action opportunities. We suggest sharing how you felt when you looked over the report. If you have set any personal goals as a reaction to the results, we also suggest you share those goals with the team.

At the insights and action meeting, you’ll select one or two key opportunities and agree on some action steps to take to address the challenges. Start small and keep the momentum going as you get some wins!

Understanding yourself and others gives you an advantage to your success as you work through your action plans. And The Predictive Index has plenty of tools to help you do that!

You also have a lot of great resources to support you. It’s time to work with your teams to help make their experiences at work the best they can be. Schedule your meetings today!

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