Transcript: Enabling users to folders

If you’d like a user to see assessments under a specific folder that they don’t currently have access to, you will need to make sure you have an administration level of access in the software. If you have these permissions, click on your name in the upper right hand corner and select administration. Next, select the Folder Management Tab. Your organization’s folder structure will display. You can now select the folder or subfolder that you wish to give access to. Folder permissions will work based on the highest level folder access a user has. That means that if we wanted this user to only have access to one of the folders here from the Employees folder then we would only select that subfolder. However, if we wanted users to have access to the Employees folders and all sub folders below it, we would select Employees.

Once a folder is selected, you will now be directed to the Folder Details section. Begin typing into the Users with Access field and click on the user that you wish to give access to. Their name will now populate below along with any existing users who already had access to this folder. If you want to remove a user, simply click on the x next to their name. Once all changes are made, click Save and the system will generate a message when completed successfully.

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