Transcript: Enabling cognitive access for users

If you’d like to update a user in the PI software to have cognitive assessment access, you will need to have account owner permissions. If you have these permissions, click on your name in the upper right corner and select administration from the dropdown. The User Management page will display by default. Scroll down and locate the user you would like to provide access to. If you don’t see them initially, you can always search via their username or email in the search bar above the user list. Click on the name of the user to edit that user’s profile. 

Scroll down to the Permissions section and verify the status of the “Enable Cognitive Assessment Access” checkbox. If the box is checked, the user has cognitive assessment access, and if unchecked then they will not have access. Simply click the box to either enable or disable access for this user. Once finished, click the Save Changes button. A message will generate when the profile has been successfully updated. These permission changes will now take effect the next time the user logs into the software.

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