Transcript: Employee experience overview for program managers

You’ve set a date and are getting ready to start your Employee Experience program! 

As the program manager, your roadmap to success is laid out in your PI Employee Experience Action Center. We recommend reviewing the steps before diving in so the process flows as smoothly as possible and you’re always comfortable because you know what’s coming next. 

It’s also great to talk to your PI Partner about any customizations you’d like to make to the plan so that, when time comes, all the important details are figured out and you can keep things moving.

One of the keys to success is making sure your executive team is bought into the process so they’re ready to take action based on the results. Taking action on engagement is vital. Commitment and buy-in from leaders can make or break the momentum and success of your Employee Experience Survey. 

Part of setting up your survey requires uploading your Org Data File, which contains information about team members at your organization. Make sure the manager to employee reporting relationships are accurate – this is how PI aggregates the survey results, so we want to be sure we’re giving each manager the most accurate picture of their team’s experiences at work. 

When you’re ready to kick off your survey, the Action Center makes it easy for you to communicate with your employees about the campaign, and the Survey Admin tool includes built-in reminders designed to drive participation.

Once the survey is closed, take time to review your overall organization data, starting with your engagement score, the key measure of your employees’ emotional commitment to your organization. 

Then, look at scores across four key areas of the employee experience: their Job, Manager, the People they work most closely with, and the culture of the Organization.

Ensuring your PI Partner is aware of your results and close to you through this process will enable them to provide support and help drive success as you prepare to communicate with your executives and employees.

Once you’ve reviewed the top-line results, you can dive deeper and view department-level heatmaps to understand what’s happening across the organization or dig into your organization’s comment report to start gaining an understanding of the employee perspectives and stories connected to your results.

To protect confidentiality and the integrity of your data, only managers with 5 or more completed responses will receive team reports.

Once you feel like you have a good handle on your organization-level insights, debrief your executive team. In your Action Center you’ll find a template you can use to present a summary of the results. Your PI Partner can help you deliver the results and support you and your executive team as you align on an action plan.

By the end of your first executive team meeting, the goal is to check off 3 key tasks. First, create a plan to communicate the org-wide results to your managers and employees. We recommend sharing the results transparently and as quickly as possible to maximize the momentum of your employee experience campaign.

Second, align on a plan, timeline, and expectations for managers and their teams to review their team reports. If you choose to opt in to the “Take action on engagement” workshop for managers, this will be built into that plan. Team reports should also be shared quickly. This enables managers and teams to start working on improving engagement. As a best practice, team reports are typically shared with managers within 2 weeks after the survey closes, usually a few days before the “Take action on engagement” workshop if one has been scheduled.

Third, set a time to regroup and craft an action plan around the organization-wide results and identify any pre-work that needs to happen to set everyone up for success.

Your PI Partner is an invaluable resource in helping you create a customized action plan based on the unique aspects of your business. The top priority is that employees see that action is happening quickly. When employees feel heard early on, it creates momentum and will pay dividends as you continue on your engagement journey throughout the year.

We look forward to partnering with you as you engage with your teams and continue to optimize their experience at your organization

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