Transcript: Disabling users

If you’d like to disable access to the software for a specific user, you’ll need to have account administrator or account owner permissions. If you do have these permissions, when you click on your name in the upper right corner, you’ll see administration from the dropdown. Click on administration and by default, the User Management page will display. 

Here you will get a list of all the user accounts from your organization. If you don’t see the specific person you wish to disable, type either their name or email in the search bar. If the toggle to the right of the user is purple that means the user has access to the system. To disable access, simply click on the toggle and a success message will generate once updated. Since we have the Hide disabled users feature on, when we refresh the page, that user will no longer display. However, if we wanted to enable access for them at a later point in time. We can come back to this page, deselect the Hide disabled users option, and then click the toggle again.

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