Transcript: Creating new PI users

To create a PI software user, you will need to have account admin or account owner access. If you have these permissions, when you click on your name in the right hand side of the screen, you’ll see administration from the list of items in the dropdown. Click on Administration and by default you will be directed to the User Management Tab. From here, click on Create New User.

You will now be able to populate all the information for this new user. Any fields with a red asterisk next to them are required for this user to be created. You’ll go ahead and enter their first name, last name, email, and job title. You can also enter a phone number and change their default language if desired.

Next we will set their permissions. The first option is to set their default folder. This is the folder that all assessments sent from this user will be stored. For example, maybe this user will only be sending out assessments to candidates so we’ll select the candidates folder. Next, select the specific role that this user will have from the dropdown. And last we will select whether or not they will have cognitive assessment access in the software using the checkbox. Keep in mind this setting will only be available for you to set if you are an account owner. 

Once finished, click on the Create User button. Once finished the system will provide you with a success message and a user will receive a welcome email to create their account. For those who might need some clarification on the roles, use the recommendations we have provided on the right hand side of the screen and check out our full article on roles if you want to learn even more.

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