Transcript: Creating and deleting folders

If you’d like to create or delete folders in The Predictive Index Software, you’ll need either account owner or account administrator access. If you have these permissions, when you click on your name in the upper right hand corner, you’ll see administration within the dropdown menu. Click on administration, and by default you’ll be directed to the User Management tab. Click on Folder Management and a full list of your organization’s folders will display. 

To create a new folder, click create new folder. By default, the new folder will be created inside your default folder, which in this case is the main folder for the organization. If you wanted to change this, click on the x and begin typing the name of the folder where you would like this new folder to be housed. Let’s use the Employees folder as an example and then give the new folder a name. 

If you already have existing assessment takers, groups, or jobs that you want to add to the new folder, you can do so by searching the name of any of those items and adding them here. Lastly, if you want a specific software user to have access to this folder, you can do so by searching for their name and adding them in the Users with Access section.

Once finished, click the Save button. A success message will generate and you will now be able to see your new folder in the folder’s list.

If you want to delete a folder, simply click on the folder name and then select the Delete Folder button. A warning message will display letting you know that only folders that are empty can be deleted. Click the Yes button to proceed. A success message will generate once finished and the deleted folder will no longer appear in the Folder list.

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