Transcript: Create a job – send to stakeholders

One of the ways we can create a job in the software is by getting insight from multiple stakeholders in the company on the attributes they feel are important to the job. To do this, Click the Create a New Job button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Enter the name of the job title. The software will generate similar job families based on the title you chose. Select the closest job family or No close match if none of these are what you’re looking for. You can also enter a job description if desired. If you would like to store this job in a folder other than your default one, click the folder icon and select the folder you would like to place it into and click the Done button. Once finished, click Create Job.

If you selected a close matching job family previously, the software will provide you with a job target based on how subject matter experts have rated similar jobs. You can use this as a starting point, but if you would like stakeholder feedback, choose view additional options and then select Send to Stakeholders.

If you already have an employee that excels in this position and would like to use them to help generate the job target you can enter their name here.

Next, enter the name and email address of the stakeholders that you would like to send this job assessment to. Recommended stakeholders include someone who is already performing the job or those that would work frequently with someone in this job like their direct manager. You can add more stakeholders by clicking the add contributor button for additional rows or click the x if you would like to remove a stakeholder. You can even take the job assessment yourself by checking the Take job assessment as well checkbox. Once finished, click Confirm.

Emails will now be sent to all stakeholders, and you will be navigated to the job target review page. At this time, the only detail that will be populated is the behavioral pattern of the role model employee if used previously. As your stakeholders take the assessment, information will populate on this page and the job target will shape based on their input. This will occur for both the behavioral target as well as the cognitive (if cognitive is included in your subscription.) Stakeholders should now meet and discuss if things need to be modified. Once all parties have reached an agreement, at the bottom of the review page, click Accept Target. Now you’ll get an overview of your accepted job target and a more detailed description of requirements by clicking the job report tab.

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