Transcript: Create a job – guided version

One of the ways you can create a job in the software is by using the guided job targeting process feature. To do this, Click the Create a New Job button in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Enter the name of the job title. The software will generate similar job families based on the title you chose. Select the closest job family or No close match if none of these are what you’re looking for. You can also enter a job description if desired. If you would like to store this job in a folder other than your default one, click the folder icon and select the folder you would like to place it into and click the Done button. Once finished, click Create Job.

If you selected a close matching job family previously, the software will provide you with a job target based on how subject matter experts have rated similar jobs. You can use this as a starting point, but if you would like a walkthrough of a more detailed job assessment, choose view additional options and then select Guided Job Targeting Process.

You will now be directed to a page where you will pick from a variety of actions that you consider to be important for the job. If you feel they are critical for successful performance on the job, simply click on the checkbox next to the activity. Once finished, scroll down and select continue to move to the next page. You will repeat this activity for two additional pages. 

The next section is the cognitive portion of the job assessment. This will only be present if your organization has purchased and enabled the cognitive assessment. A list of abilities will display with brief descriptions along with a proficiency level for each. Select the box that represents the level of proficiency a candidate would need to be successful in this job for each ability. Once finished click continue and repeat this process on four additional pages. Once the last page is completed, click Complete Assessment.

Now you’ll get an overview of your accepted job target and a more detailed description of requirements by clicking the job report tab. For more information on job targets, please refer to the Job Assessment Overview video by clicking the link above.

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