Transcript: Coaching Guide

Coaching your employees can be a daunting task, but with the coaching guide, PI is making the conversation easier for you to help your employees understand strengths and gaps they have when compared to current or future roles. To generate a coaching guide, hover your mouse over Inspire Employees and select Coaching Guide from the Develop Managers section. In order to generate this guide, you’ll need a person who has already taken the behavioral assessment and a job target created in the software. Enter the name of the individual and then the job that you’d like to coach them on. Once finished, click the Generate button. A Behavioral comparison between that individual and the job pattern will display. The letters represent each of the four behavioral factors for that person and the orange shaded boxes represent what level of intensity for those factors is expected for that job.

When an individual’s factors are within the orange boxes, this is desired since they align with the behaviors that are expected for this role within the company. If their factors don’t all align, this is okay. The coaching guide will take that into account and create personalized questions that can help you facilitate conversations and coach your employees to not only be aware of potential gaps but also determine solutions. Scroll down to see questions for each behavioral factor. If you would like to download this report click the generate report link at the top to either email, print or download a copy to your computer.

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