Transcript: Assessing your organization

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Welcome and congratulations on becoming part of our growing network of clients! You came to PI to understand what drives and engages your employees and candidates—so you can achieve your strategic goals.

There’s no need to wait until you’ve attended a PI workshop to start gathering information—or as we call it, “people data.”. Taking this step now will fast track your results.

It all begins by sending the PI Behavioral Assessment to your entire organization. Some see PI as a hiring tool, but it’s so much more. By assessing your current employees, you can identify common drives among high-performers, identify any group’s Team Type*, empower managers to lead better, and keep employees engaged. Newcomers and company veterans alike should be assessed to ensure they’re in the right roles to succeed.

This can be a little overwhelming at first even if you’re excited. We know you have more on your plate than rolling out PI and that people will have questions once they’ve taken the assessment.

Don’t worry, the PI talent optimization platform is intuitive and user friendly. Tools like the Person Snapshot will give employees a quick rundown of their results, and there’s a wealth of resources like videos, courses, and e-books over in Learn, which you can access right from the software.

Assessing your employees will build their self-awareness and awareness of others, which leads to better working relationships and team dynamics. It will also help you build Job Targets based on your high-performers—so you can screen candidates to make sure they have the right behavioral traits.

The software makes it quick and easy to send the Behavioral Assessment to everyone at your company. When you first login to the software, you’ll see a banner with a link you can copy and send to any employees who haven’t taken the assessment. Anyone who clicks that link will be tagged as an employee and saved to your employees folder. This means you don’t have to type in each person’s email address, reducing the admin work for you!

And remember, you’re not alone in this. If you have any questions, reach out to your PI consultant. We’re here to help. But for now, let’s dive into the software and start sending out those assessments!

*Assessing a group’s Team Type is only available for clients with the Design module.

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