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Here you’ll find more information about the basics of PI Design’s Team Discovery™ tool and how this tool can be so impactful for you and your team.

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Reference Profiles

You might be wondering, “how does the Behavioral Assessment tie into Team Discovery?” and that’s a valid question. The Behavioral Assessment is the foundation of everything included and leads to all those exciting team and Strategy Types that you’ve probably heard about. 

Completing the Behavioral Assessment will give you exciting insights, but most importantly it will give you a Reference Profile. These profiles are attributed to each individual that completes the BA. The Reference Profile will provide a window into who they are at work and lead to better self awareness of themselves and others on their team. This is what drives where individuals are plotted on the quadrants, which you can read about in the next section.

The Four Quadrants

Now that we know about the many Reference Profiles out there, let’s discuss the Team Discovery tool. Based on their profile, individuals will fall within one of four quadrants when plotted in Team Discovery. Click into each quadrant below to learn more about them. Any idea where you might land?

Where are people plotted?

As mentioned above, the Reference Profiles drive where individuals fall on the four quadrants in Team Discovery. Take a look at the interactive below to understand which Reference Profiles fall in which quadrants. Once your team members complete the BA, you’ll be able to see where they land too! Seeing where all your teammates are plotted will help you understand your team composition and how you can all work better together. 

Team Types

One of the most exciting parts about Team Discovery is figuring out what Team Type your team is. Your Team Type will be determined based on the behavioral patterns of all the members on your team and gives you insight into your unique team’s strengths and caution areas. Think about how this might help your team navigate your work with more awareness.

Strategy Types

Knowing your team is only one of the great benefits of Team Discovery. The real power comes when you choose your objectives as a team and reveal the Strategy Type that you are looking to pursue. This will help you know exactly how your team fits and where you’ll need to stretch. Team Type and Strategy don’t need to match! The beauty of Team Discovery is determining what your natural behaviors are as a team and how you might use them effectively or fill gaps to meet your goals. 

Here you’ll find more information about the basics of PI Design’s Team Discovery™ tool and how this tool can be so impactful for you and your team. Take your first step towards team success, with Team Discovery, today.

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