Match Score Overview

What is Match Score?

We know how frustrating and time-consuming evaluating candidates for open positions can be. That’s why the Predictive Index software has Match Score, so that you can hire smarter than ever before!

Match Score is a helpful organizing tool that ranks options, allowing you to focus on a smaller set of candidates when using the Predictive Index for hiring and selection.

NOTE: Match Score does not make hiring decisions for you. Instead, it helps to focus your candidate search. You should still evaluate other relevant information about candidates such as experience and education.

Elements of Match Score

Match Score is determined by comparing a Job Target to a candidate’s behavioral and cognitive assessment results. Based on the results, the software will generate a score on a scale of 1 – 10, 10 being the strongest match.

Match Score is shown in the Assessments section of the Job Details page.

Three Types of Match Scores

  • Overall –The Candidates’ overall match score to a Job is based on the Behavioral and Cognitive Assessment results.
    • The match score is calculated by averaging the behavioral and cognitive assessments. This is defaulted to 50% of each, but if you have changed the weight of the cognitive score then this would change the calculation.
  • Behavioral – The Candidates’ Behavioral Match scores based on their Behavioral Assessment results and the Behavioral Job Target.
  • Cognitive – The Candidates’ Cognitive Match scores based on their Cognitive Assessment results and the Cognitive Job Target.

Favorite or Pass on Candidates

Based on the results, you can favorite the candidates you are excited about and pass on poor fits.

To filter the candidates you have favorited, select the Filters drop-down and select Favorites.

Other Matches for This Job

The software will provide additional matches for a job based on individuals whom are not yet associated with that job. The software shows the top 10 matches in your account based on overall match score.


  • This feature does not display all matches, only the first 10.
  • This feature is first based on overall match score, so if a job has a cognitive target and a person doesn’t have a cognitive score, they will not show up as a top match. Those with an overall match score will show up first.

Match Score Power Up

Match Score Power Up

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