Diagnose: Intro email for managers

Directions: This template is designed to help you introduce the PI Employee Experience Survey to your management team before inviting employees to take the survey. Copy and paste the language below, and use it as a starting point for your email. Feel free to personalize the language to your liking.

Ready to send out an email to your entire organization? (Use this email template for employees instead.)

Subject Line: Our Predictive Index Engagement Initiative

Hello team,

We’re excited to announce our participation in an engagement survey powered by The Predictive Index, and we wanted you to hear it first!

The PI Employee Experience Survey is designed to gather anonymous employee feedback, so we can understand where engagement is highest and lowest across the organization. The results will also include recommended engagement actions we can take to improve the work experience of our employees.

Timeline and logistics:

  • The survey will be sent out on [DATE], and takes about 15 minutes to complete.
  • Employee feedback will be collected anonymously and is completely confidential.
  • Results will be aggregated at the team level and summarized via an “Organization Report.”

Next steps:

  • We’ll be sending a company-wide email on [DATE] to announce the PI Employee Experience Survey.
  • Please encourage your team to participate in the survey. The higher the participation rate, the better!
  • Once the survey has closed, we’ll provide details about the results of the Organization Report.

We encourage you to complete the survey too! Let’s aim for 100% participation.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions you have.
Thank you,

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