Company settings

To access the company settings section, click on your name in the top right corner and then select ‘Administration’. Select the ‘Company Settings’ tab.

Update Assessment Settings

1. To update the number of days an assessment is active for before expiring, click the number drop down for either the behavioral or job assessment. NOTE: you cannot change the expiration settings for the cognitive assessment. This is set at 14 days always.

2. For Account Owners only, you have the ability to update additional settings. Check off the box or uncheck the box that does not apply next to each setting.

You can toggle on and off:

  • The cognitive portion of the job assessment.
  • The consent function for behavioral assessments

If you check off the consent function, you will then be asked to include your consent message.

*Account Admins do not have access to this section.

3. Click save changes once your updates are complete.

Customize default email messaging

1. To change one of the default emails in the software, navigate to the software email settings section and select the default email you would like to edit in the drop down.

2. You have the ability to edit the email subject line, add a default message that is sent to the assessment taker and change the default language for each software email.

3. Click ‘Save Changes’ once complete.

Anonymize people data

You can anonymize people data in bulk or by person. Please note, once a person has been anonymized, we cannot recover their information. This is permanent. 

Anonymize by bulk

1. Select the bulk option in the dropdown.

2. Select the Data Type you want to anonymize. This can be people labeled as candidates, employees, unknown, or other in the software.

3. Then select how often you would like to run this anonymization from the drop-down.

4. And finally, select the range. You can anonymize assessments older than the number you choose or all matching records.

5. Once all data points are selected, click Anonymize Records. Since this action is permanent, we ask that you confirm you want to anonymize the data you selected.

Anonymize a single person

1. Select the person option in the dropdown.

2. Select the person’s name by typing their name into the search bar. You can add multiple names to this section.

3. Once the names have been selected, click ‘Anonymize Records’. Since this action is permanent, we ask that you confirm you want to anonymize the data you selected.

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