Behavioral report overview

The Behavioral Report is based on a survey taker’s PI Behavioral Assessment results. It describes the individual’s behavioral preferences and includes key characteristics that the individual is likely to display in the workplace. The report also provides a brief overview of the assessment results and includes specific management strategies that can be used to help maximize the individual’s effectiveness, productivity, and job satisfaction. The report can be configured to include an optional description of the individual’s management style, and selling or influencing style.

The results of the PI Assessment should always be reviewed by a trained Predictive Index Practitioner in order to provide greater insight into the individual’s workplace style.

Key features

The report contains an image of the individual’s Self, Self-Concept, and Synthesis patterns:

  • Self — Behaviors that come naturally to the Person.
  • Self Concept — How the Person feels the need to behave in the current role.
  • Synthesis — How the Person usually behaves in the workplace (the average of the Self and Self Concept results).

The Strongest Behaviors section provides a snapshot of the Person’s natural behavioral tendencies. It is based on the Pattern Width and Factor Emphasis Combinations of the individual’s Self Pattern.

The Summary section provides an overview of the workplace behaviors that this Person is likely to display.

The Management Strategies section describes specific management tactics that are likely to be effective with this individual. Managers reviewing their employees’ PI Reports can use this section to make adjustments to their management approaches.

The report can be configured to include the following Optional Sections:

  • Management Style: Describes how this individual is likely to approach managing projects or people.

  • Selling Style or Influencing Style: Describes how the individual is likely to approach either selling in a sales Position, or influencing in a non-sales role.

Generate and Send a Behavioral Report

1. There are a few ways to generate a Behavioral Report from the software.

  • From a Person Page: Select the name of the person and then select Behavioral Report on the left.
  • From a list view: Select the check box next to the person’s name and then select the Behavioral Report tab at the top. This can be done from any list view which includes completed assessments, groups, folders and search.

2. You have a few settings to choose from for the report.

  • Language: Select the language you would like the report to download in.
  • Optional Report Additions: Select Management Style and/or Influencing Style or Selling Style if you would like these added to the report. To learn more about these features view the Key Features section above.

Click ‘Next’ once you have made your selections.

3. After clicking ‘Next’ you will be taken to the report. You have the option to email, print or download the report. You also can change the report settings and go back to the previous screen by clicking ‘Report Settings’ in the top right.

4. When emailing the report, you can send directly to yourself, the assessment taker, and/or other people. If you select other people, be sure to separate the emails by a comma. You can also edit the subject and message to the recipients if needed.

Click ‘Email Behavioral Report(s)’ once you have made your selections.

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