Drive Results with Talent Virtual Learning

Welcome to the digital learning portions of your Drive Results with Talent workshop!

3 Courses
1 hour 5 minutes completion time

What you'll learn

  • The Workshop Kickoff guides you to understand and apply the PI Behavioral Assessment. You’ll discover how it works, how it’s administered, and the value of its accurate and compelling descriptions of workplace behavior. From this foundation, you’ll be ready to interact with your workshop instructors and classmates.
  • The Hire Case Study will take you through an example of how the hiring process works without PI tools. You’ll review a company case study, an open job, company culture implications, and candidate experience summaries.
  • Know Your Inspire Toolbox introduces you to the tools that leverage Behavioral Assessment results to help you improve relationships and develop better managers. You’ll receive and use the tools that let you more effectively work with both individuals and teams.