What is the Cognitive Assessment, and why should I use it? 

The Cognitive Assessment gives visibility into how quickly your candidates will onboard, learn the role and adapt to change.

Sometimes you bring people on who presented themselves well in the interview, but they’ve struggled to get up to speed in the role. The Cognitive Assessment gives visibility into how quickly your candidates will onboard, learn the role and adapt to change. We arm you with confidence that you’re making data-driven decisions rather than relying on emotions or guesswork in your hiring process.

The Predictive Index Cognitive Assessment is a 12-minute, 50-question assessment measuring an individual’s general cognitive ability, and is one of the strongest indicators of job performance. 

  • The PI Cognitive Assessment was built and validated exclusively for use in the workplace, and it provides insight into a person’s capacity to learn, adapt, and grasp new concepts. 
  • The PI Cognitive Assessment does not measure IQ or previously acquired knowledge (e.g., job-specific knowledge), behaviors, or willingness to make an effort to learn new things. Rather, it indicates how fast an individual can be expected to acquire new knowledge. 
  • When combined with other selection criteria, including the Behavioral Assessment, resumes, and interviews, our Cognitive Assessment provides a powerful understanding of a candidate’s potential for success in a given role.

To learn more about how and when the Cognitive Assessment can help your hiring process, check out this resource:

How do I use the Cognitive Assessment in my hiring process?

You can use the Cognitive Target for roles that require:

  • Learning new skills
  • Adjusting to new scenarios in the workplace
  • Processing information at a quicker pace

Don’t use the Cognitive Assessment for:

  • Roles that don’t have potential for advancement
  • Positions with minimal complexity
  • Instances in which a candidate’s disability compromises their access to or completion of the assessment in the allotted time.

We even provide you with fit ratings, which gauge how your candidates’ assessment scores align with the Job Target you’ve established. You can use these for ranking and prioritizing candidates, for further review, or for guidance in interviews, but they are not designed to be used as a sole decision-making measure. Any assessment used should be considered as another data point through which you evaluate your candidate.

How do I interpret the CA?

Cognitive data serves as one of the strongest indicators of job performance, when used alongside behavioral data. PI’s Cognitive Assessment measures a person’s ability to learn, adapt, and grasp new information. It is not an IQ test, but it can offer a key piece of new data when evaluating candidates.

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