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Are you attracting or repelling your dream candidate?

Find out with PI’s Job Ad Analyzer.

When you write a job ad, your words matter. Get it right and you’ll attract your dream candidate like a moth to a flame. Get it wrong and you’ll send them running for the hills.

Is your job ad working for or against you? 

Paste any job description into our Job Ad Analyzer to find out:

  • What behavioral Reference Profiles your job ad will attract
  • What aspects of the role your ad focuses on most

For PI Masters, we’ve also provided a Job Target.

Tell us about the job you’d like to analyze

In minutes, we’ll send you a Job Target Profile. If it aligns well to the kind of person you need for the role, kudos to you. We can help you learn how to match candidates to this profile. But if there are discrepancies between it and the kind of person you think you need, consider starting refreshing your job description.

Job Ad Analyzer

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