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    The All-in-One People Directory: Search for people filtering across PI personality profiles, skills, location and more.

    Looking for a data scientist in the Boston office who also has a Craftsman Reference Profile? All it takes is one search within the Structural platform to find exactly the right person at the right time. With the powerful personality data of The Predictive Index combined with the data-rich profiles, intelligent search and real-time insight of Structural, your most important people data is more accessible than ever.



    • Behavioral


    • Behavioral Report PDF
    • Behavioral Pattern Displayed in Page
    • Behavioral Reference Profile Displayed in Page


    • View co-workers’ PI Behavioral pattern and reference profile directly within their profile page
    • Download a PDF copy of a co-worker’s PI Behavioral Report from their profile page
    • Search across employee directory using PI Behavioral Pattern information


    • Separate Predictive Index and Structural subscriptions are required before this integration can be activated. PI does not charge any additional setup or access fees. Click the Request this Solution button for more information.

    Languages Supported

    • English
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