Quick single-command access to co-workers' behavioral info directly within Slack

    The Predictive Index Slack App enables people to work better with their teammates by accessing PI Behavioral insights directly from within Slack.

    Install the Predictive Index Slack App into your workspace, configure it to access your PI instance data, and all your users gain instant access to their co-workers’ behavioral pattern info.

    Imagine you are heading into a meeting with some co-workers you don’t know all that well. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand them a little better? You open Slack on your mobile device, type the /pi command in any channel or conversation:

    …and (only) you see all of this:

    Need the same info for several people? Type “/pi @firstperson @secondperson @thirdperson (Enter)”

    Need top-level info for everyone in a public channel? Type “/pi (Enter)”.

    Yes, it is that easy!

    Note: This works for any Slack users whose email address matches exactly one person’s email address in your PI data.


    • Behavioral


    • Link to Person Overview in PI Software
    • Reference Profile
    • Placard Image
    • Person Snapshot PDF


    • Quick access to Reference Profile info
    • View Behavioral Placard Image
    • Download Person Snapshot PDF
    • Name is a link to the Person Overview Page in the PI Software


    • Free

    Languages Supported

    • Any

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