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    Assign assessments to candidates, see results link in TalentLink

    HRNX offers a standard, real-time integration between TalentLink by Saba-Lumesse and The Predictive Index (PI) assessment platform. Recruiting users within TalentLink can trigger PI assessment email invitations to be automatically sent to the candidates. Upon completion of the assessment(s), results are stored in TalentLink including status, score, and a link to the PI software detail view.


    • Behavioral


    • Link to PI Person Page


    Request a PI assessment on a candidate-by-candidate basis.

    Upon completion of the assessment, a PI results link is shown in the TalentLink software. Clicking the link will take the user to the PI software page containing all assessment results for the candidate, including the Behavioral Report and any other person details.

    The integration will detect if a candidate has already completed the PI assessment for your company and will return the candidate’s previously completed PI assessment results.

    To learn more about the exact functional details of this integration, please contact HRNX.


    • One-time HRNX Setup Fee
    • Annual HRNX Subscription Fee
    • HRNX Fees calculated based on PI subscription size
    • TalentLink may charge one-time activation and/or annual maintenance fees.

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