Oracle Taleo BE Cloud Service – Modulus Data

    Applicant Tracking System

    Oracle Taleo Business Edition Cloud Service

    Choice of assessment triggers with results delivered into Taleo software

    Modulus Data provides a pre-built, dynamic integration between Taleo Business Edition (TBE) and The Predictive Index (PI), supporting automated stage-based and/or manual per-candidate assignment of assessments, configured uniquely for each TBE Requisition. Results are stored in TBE along with links to the PI software.


    • Behavioral
    • Cognitive


    • Behavioral Report PDF
    • Cognitive Report PDF
    • Interview Guide PDF
    • Job Match Scores
    • Reference Profile


    • For each Requisition defined in TBE, decide:
      • Which stage will trigger the automated sending of email assessment invitations to Candidates
      • Whether to send Behavioral or Cognitive or Both assessment invitations
      • Which PI Job Target to assign Candidates for use in calculating a Job Match / Fit Score
    • Upon completion, results are immediately stored in TBE:
      • Assessment status and basic results/scores go into custom Candidate fields
      • Behavioral Report and Interview Guide (if using Job Target) attached to Candidate
      • Overall, Behavioral and Cognitive Match Scores displayed
      • Job Match Level based on client Match Score ranges – enable Candidate list filtering
      • Links to PI Software are stored in Candidate details
    • Previously completed assessments will be used when available
    • Assessment “sender” can be configured to be Recruiter, Coordinator, or a static name/email


    • One-time Setup Fee
    • Annual Subscription Fee
    • Fees calculated as a percentage of PI subscription amount

    Languages Supported

    • English
    • Any

    More Information

    Consultant-Only Datasheet